Berlin 2016


I just moved to Berlin. There are some exciting things on the horizon.  New releases upcoming from Warble (duo with Miako Klein), Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer (duo with Weston Minissali), F$F! (with Dustin Carlson). The premiere of a new project, Merry Peers (with Yoshiko Klein) is coming on July 1st. And if you missed it please check out the latest release from HAG on Prom Night Records.  I've also updated the menu bar on this site with some project pages. There you can watch videos of, listen to, and read about some of my bands.

I'll also be sprinkling a few gigs over the summer, come say hi.

June 5th at Noiseberg:

June 7 at Loophole: duo with Joshua Weitzel

June 13 in Essen, Germany with Public Harmony

July 1st at Nussbreite: Merry Peers + Andrew Weathers solo

August 6 at Nomad Gallery: duo with Nicola Hein

August 21 at Miss Hecker:  Henkel/Klein/Kosak/Sunderland quartet.

more updates sooon.