Single-Payer, Single-Payer, Single-Payer, Single-Payer

With a Democratic majority in congress and Obama in the executive seat, now seems to be the time to get this issue on the table. But leading Democrats, notably Obama and Pelosi, say its impractical. Impractical to give tax-paying citizens access to the single most important element of "the pursuit of happiness," good health? We need to get this one rolling before the congressional pendulum swings back to the right and its too late.

Single-payer, single-payer, single-payer. Lets move the issue of people's health away from capitalistic opportunism and towards human rights.

Here's a great article by Ralph Nader on Single-Payer Medicare.

Also, from Harper's columnist Scott Mitchell (this one's longer but really enlightening):

also, the piece of legislature already exists in congress: