2010'. Few of my favorite things.

Here are some of my favorite bands who I saw in performance in 2010. In no particular order. Please listen to these bands. Many have recordings out, or are in the process of getting them out.

Jacob Wick's Hungry Cowboy
Jacob Wick- trumpet
Briggan Krauss- Alto Saxophone
Jonathon Goldberger- guitar
Mike Pride- Drums
Music based on Cormac McCarthy's depiction of the American West circa mid-19th century.

Sean Ali- Bass
David Grollman- Percussion
Short, focused, improvised, textural adventures.

This Sporting Life
Owen Stewart-Robertson- Guitar, compositions
Jacob Wick- Trumpet
Myk Freedman- Lapsteel
Josh Sinton- Bass Clarinet and Baritone Sax
Songs about failure.

Katie Young's Pretty Monsters
Katie Young- Amplified Bassoon, compositions
Owen Stewart-Robertson- Guitar
Erica Dicker- Violin
Mike Pride- Drums

We Are the Financial Crisis
Will McEvoy- Bass
Max Goldman- Drum Set

Jason Ajemian- Bass, compositions
Peter Hanson- Saxophone
Jacob Wick- Trumpet
Owen Stewart-Robertson- Guitar
Marc Riordan- Drums

Nathaniel Morgan- Saxophone
Brad Henkel- Trumpet
Peter Hanson- Saxophone

Stephe Cooper's Cloud Becomes Your Hand

Dan Peck- Tuba
Tom Blancarte- Bass
Brian Osborne- Percussion