Shopping List for the World Ends

Getting excited for my curated night of music this Saturday May 28th. Just had my first rehearsal with Sean Ali for the vocal part of my new piece which will be premiered then. Also, excited to have Dan Peck playing a solo set and Mariel Berger playing compositions of hers for quartet.

This event doubles as a vegetarian pot luck. Bring your beans!

PapaCookie: Shopping List for the World Ends

201 W. 86th st. Apt 806. (ask for Jonathan Vincent)

7pm- door, ingestion, merriment

8pm- Dan Peck Solo Tuba

9pm- Over Easy
Mariel Berger, piano/compositions
Nathaniel Morgan, Alto Sax
Will McEvoy, Bass
Evan Drobka, drums

10pm- Shopping List for the World Ends
Jacob Wick, trumpet
Jake Henry, trumpet
Joe Moffet, trumpet
Brad Henkel, trumpet/composition
Dustin Carlson- guitar
Owen StewartRobertson, guitar
Sean Ali- voice

And in June I'm really looking forward to playing 4 shows with my longest standing group, Buckminster. Plus I'll be performing the music of Kagel with Stephe Cooper and co.


JUNE 3: movement research festival/UBUweb event: this is gunna be a short 20 minute set, we were asked to do a kagel piece that is featured in the UBU archive, acustica is one of them. its at Audio Visual Arts (AVA) in the LES.

JUNE 4: roulette musicircus: the first event at the NEW roulette space in downtown brooklyn. its cageian circus where shit just happens all over the place. Performances of acustica, repetoire, & kontradanse intermittently throughout the day. the event is from 1 - 5pm and is in conjuntion with atlantic ave art walk thingy.


June 4th: John Cage Musicircus at Roulette.
Event lasts from 1-6pm. Buckminster goes on about 2:30pm.

June 8th: Douglass St. Music Collective. Also performing: Joe Moffet Solo. 295 Douglass St. Bklyn, NY

June 11th: Launch Pad. 721 Franklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY

June 18th: Midwood House Show: Dustin Carlson's beautiful, large house. BBQ is sure to be in action in the back yard. 285 Midwood St. Brooklyn, NY.