Fall 2013

Summer is over. Settling back into NYC after a Midwest July tour with "That's not what I think about when I think about her as a person" (Nathaniel Morgan and David Grollman), a residency at the OMI International Arts Center, a visit to CA, and a brief stay at Harold Arts Residency in Ohio.

Here is what's on the horizon

October 4th. 9pm
Darkminster @ Living Gallery in Bushwick
also: Killer Bob, Nicoffeine, Tiny Hazard
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October 12th. 9pm
Duo with Sean Ali @ Launch Pad

November 5th. 8pm 
Solo @ Spectrum
Flin Van Hemmen curation

November 5th. 10pm
David Scanlon, Austin Vaughn, BH @ The Stone

November 9th
Darkminster @ Launch Pad
Also: Jaap Blonk (NL)

November 22nd 
Music for 3 Accordions and 2 Trumpets, Living Things,  Fester, Nathaniel Morgan/Brooker Herr, Jason Ajemian@ Launch Pad
Music for 3 Accordions and Two Trumpets composed with Joe Moffett.
BH, JM- Trumpets; Mariel Berger, Jonathan Wood Vincent, JP Schlegelmilch- Accordions.