Winter 2014

Happy New Year! Here are some of my upcoming performances:

Saturday, January 4th. 8pm.
Das Große Ding @ Kunsthaus Rhenania
Bayenstraße 28. Cologne, Germany.

Sunday, January 13th. 8:30pm
Miako Klein/Brad Henkel Duo @ Occii
Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam, NL
Also appearing: Otto Dokkoi, Moor/Dikeman Duo

Friday, January 24th. 8pm.
Miako Klein/Brad Henkel Duo @ Cafe Ustad
Genter Str. 10,  Wedding, Berlin, Germany  

Saturday, January 25th. 8pm
Miako Klein/Brad Henkel Duo @ Quiet Cue
Flughafenstr. 38, Berlin, Germany

Saturday, February 8th. 8pm
Owen Stewart-Robterson/Jacob Wick/Brad Henkel Trio in Los Angeles
House show in Silver Lake. email me for detail.

Sunday, February 16th. 4pm
w/ Tim Brunige's "Mirrors" installation @ SIGNAL Gallery
260 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Ryan Krause conducts in conjunction with/demonstration of Tim Bruniges' massive "sound mirrors" currently on display, which are two massive cement sculptures that reflect/refract sounds through the space. This is extrapolated through the use of delays, etc., creating an endless undulating loop of interaction. Performers (there'll be 3-5) will be situated in corners of the large gallery space.

Thursday, February 20th. 8pm
Hag @ I-Beam
168 7th st. Brooklyn, NY 

Thursday, February 20th. 10pm
Sunshine Soldier @ Trans Pecos
915 Wyckoff Ave.  Ridgewood, Queens NY
Northern Spy Presents.

Friday, February 21st 8pm
Alex Nathanson animated notation @ Outpost
1665 Norman St. Ridgewood, Queens, NY
BH- Trumpet; Rachel Devorah Trapp- French Horn; Alex Nathanson- scores.

Saturday, February 22nd. 8pm
Moffett/Berger/Henkel/Delphis @ Panoply Lab 
104 Meserole St. Brooklyn, NY
A new collaborative group of two trumpets and two voices presenting brand new compositions by Joe Moffett, Mariel Berger and Brad Henkel.  

Tuesday, February 25th. 8pm
Hag + Dan Peck @ JACK
505 1/2 Waverly Ave. Brooklyn, NY
In anticipation of the 4tets impending record release.  

Monday, March 3rd. 8pm
Kyrg/Henkel/Hein @ Hole of Fame
Königsbrücker Str. 39 Dresden-Neustadt, Germany
"Audio Experiment 15a" w/ Gwen Kyrg- voice; BH- Trumpet; Nicola Heing- Guitar

Tuesday, March 4th. 8pm
Miako Klein/Brad Henkel duo @World in a Room Gallery
Brunhild Straße 7, Berlin, Germany
Amplified Trumpet and Recorder.

Wednesday, March 5th. 8pm
Anna Weber/Liz Kossack/Brad Henkel Trio @ Salon Tippel
Schudomastr. 45 Berlin, Germany
Presented by the KIM Collective
(more concerts from this trio in Cologne/Ruhr TBD) 

Thursday, March 6th. 8pm
Anna Weber/Liz Kossack/Brad Henkel Trio @ Rotstraße 5
Rotstraße 5, Bochum, Germany
Plus a group by Julius Gabriel  

Friday, March 7th. 8pm
Paul Lytton/Paul Hubweber Large Ensemble @ Loft
Wißmannstr. 30 Cologne, Germany

Saturday, March 8th. 8pm
Anna Weber/Liz Kossack/Brad Henkel Trio @ Salon de Jazz
Severinkloster 3a, Cologne, Germany